Postcards For Virginia is a program to get Virginians and concerned citizens across the country to handwrite postcards to voters to remind them to vote a democratic ticket in Virginia’s general election on Nov. 7, 2017.

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Join our 100 POSTCARDS CHALLENGE and commit to writing 100 postcards between now and November. Writing 100 is a challenge, but it’s doable. You’ve got several months to make it happen!

If you’re in, fill out the contact form below. Don’t forget to do the simple math by the SUBMIT button. It’s a tool to stop SPAM. We’ll send you information on how to get started. You can also sign up by emailing us at

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Postcard writer extraordinaire Andrea from Herndon demonstrates what 100 handwritten postcards looks like.
Postcard writer extraordinaire Andrea from Herndon shows what 100 postcards looks like.

Writing postcards helps me de-stress after all the sad news during the day. I hear it on the radio, watch it on tv, and after writing postcards I feel much better.

Katherine in Arlington, VA.


Why Virginia Matters

We're thrilled to invite you to preview Why Virginia Matters 2017. This site is a collaborative effort by the grassroots women of the resistance in Virginia, which proudly includes our Postcards4VA team. The material on this site is perfect for sharing at...

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When you’re incredibly successful people notice.   We’ll be mailing more than 100,000 postcards on Oct. 25th and our efforts are being noticed and scrutinized. Therefore, to ensure our 100% grassroots effort is a positive contribution to flip Virginia...

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Postcard Party Season

Summer's almost over but Postcard Writing Season is getting into high gear. Throwing a party is a great way to get your 100 postcards written. Recruit friends and family to be part of the Challenge or host a party too. Don't forget the kids. They love...

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Let’s Talk about Messaging

The #1 question we get asked is what to write on the postcards. We want your postcards to represent your thoughts and feelings. In the Challenge Guidelines we’ve given talking points on key Virginia issues and sample messages, but we don't want you to think of it as a...

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Weekend of Action – Postcard Party Ideas

Aug 4-6 is the Weekend of Action in Northern Virginia to flip Virginia blue. Join us in making it a postcard writing party weekend. Here are some ideas for organizing your Weekend of Action event. You Choose party is where everyone chooses the task they'd like to...

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Thank You Primary Postcard Writers

We want to thank the over 400 Virginians and Virginians-at-heart who participated in this effort. Check out some of the amazing postcards written to encourage voters to go to the polls on June 13th. And they did. Dems turned out in record numbers.